What is Sphelar®?

Why sphere?

Unlike conventional flat solar cells, micro spherical solar cell has spherical light-receiving surface.
1–2mm in diameter, it looks like a bead.
Sphelar® is the micro spherical solar cell with electrodes in opposite sides.

Light does not fall in a uniform manner in the natural world. The position of the sun is constantly moving. Some of the sunlight are dispersed by clouds and others are reflected of glass and water. “What is the best way to catch all kind of sunlight effectively?” The concept of sphere was inspired by such a question.

Sphelar® cell (cross section)

Sphelar® Cell (cross section)

Sphelar® cell (enlarged)

Sphelar® (enlarged)

Advantages of Sphelar®

Capturing rays from all directions, Sphelar® cell can receive sunlight more effectively and contantly than conventional flat solar cells.
Besides, this technology brings innovation to module design. Due to structure of module based on tiny cells, Sphelar® has flexibility in designing electrical specifications and shape of modules. Different product development projects are on-going.

Comparison between conventional flat solar and Sphelar®

In comparison with convetional flat solar, Sphelar® is less dependent on the angle of incoming light and more productive in terms of energy yield. That is why Sphelar® enables application of solar even where conventional solar doesn’t make any sense. Some academic researches testify that Sphelar® delivers better performance in unfavorable conditions like in cloudy day or in high latitude regions.

Hourly output data during a day

Hourly output data during a day

To extend application range of solar

The originality of Sphelar® comes from the position of two electrodes in opposite sides. This structure makes 3-dimensional light capturing feasible and extend application range, from horizontal installation to integration into curved surface and 3-dimensional solar modules.

High see-through modules for BIPV

Sphelar® is most demanded for BIPV (Building-integrated photovoltaics). Integrated into glass curtain walls, Sphelar® generates electricity while it introduces enough lighting inside.